Raftec TM is owned by the Czech company Revel Solution. The main sales markets are Germany, the Baltic countries, Central and Eastern Europe.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists united by a common passion for excellence and innovation. The R&D department continuously analyzes the market and implements new solutions, making our products one of the best on the market. Through the use of certified materials and multi-level quality control, we ensure the reliability and safety of all our products. Raftec TM products are certified by an international organization in the field of testing, inspection, and certification at the Engineering Testing Institute (ETI), and comply with all construction requirements for Central Europe. By creating Raftec, we believe in the importance of reliability, innovation, and safety. Our mission is to provide engineering systems for water supply and heating that help create comfortable and safe living conditions for everyone. We understand that there are no secondary elements in engineering networks, and our slogan "The main element of your system" reflects this principle.

Production of Raftec TM products takes place in Spain, China, and Turkey. However, the highest standards and market relevance are guaranteed because the main office and R&D department are located in Prague, where a demanding market for modern construction is concentrated.

The range of Raftec TM engineering systems is carefully designed and convenient to use for water supply and heating. We offer a wide selection of systems that allow solving tasks of various complexity levels quickly and effectively. We not only offer products but also provide support at every stage of cooperation, providing the most up-to-date information for successful use of our systems. Anyone, whether an installer, designer, trading company, or end consumer, can receive support at our main office in Prague 24/7.

Join the engineering world of Raftec and focus on the main thing together with us!

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Why Choose Us?
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    Reliability and Security

    The first and main rule of the Raftec team is responsibility and ensuring the quality of our products. The entire range of engineering systems is manufactured and adapted according to domestic standards and regulations of the certified material. All products pass quality control at the factory and are guaranteed.

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    Range and Availability

    The entire range of Raftec engineering systems is logically understandable and convenient in installation and operation, which allows solving most tasks of different complexity during installation. Products offer a wide selection of various modern engineering water supply and heating systems. A wide network of partners and warehouse stocks will allow us to complete requests of different complexity.

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    Innovations and Practical Experience

    Raftec specialists continuously analyze the consumer market and implement their findings into our products, and a practical approach and cooperation with installation companies allow us to make balanced and constructively correct decisions in engineering systems. The entire range of engineering systems is logically understandable and convenient in installation and operation.

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    Technical and Advertising Support

    All Raftec products are supported by technical documentation and different additional information, which will allow solving various issues both during design and installation of equipment. High-quality and professional advertising support will allow you to comprehensively promote the product, inform and attract new potential customers.